World Heritage Tendai Special Head Temple Motsuji Temple


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there pamphlets in foreign languages available?

A. There are English, Chinese, and Korean pamphlets. Please inquire when you are issued your admission ticket at the entrance.

Q. Is the parking lot paid?

A. Yes. Please use the neighboring municipal parking lot. 750 yen for large buses (30+ passengers), 600 yen for micro-buses (up to 29 passengers), 300 yen for regular vehicles (up to 10 passengers), and 50 yen for motorcycles. The parking lot is about 100m from Motsuji Temple. It takes 2 minutes to walk from one to the other. The parking lot can accommodate up to 330 vehicles. (Inquiries: Motsuji Temple Municipal Parking Lot, TEL: 0191-46-2078)
There is also a bicycle lot in front of the temple. Please use it if you come by bicycle.

Q. Are there multipurpose restrooms?

A. Yes. There are wheelchair-accessible restrooms, ostomate-friendly facilities, diaper-changing equipment, and baby seats available. These facilities are located on the first floor of the Cultural Assets Repository.

Q. How much time is needed to visit the temple?

A. You can leisurely view the garden and grounds in about 30 to 40 minutes.

Q. Are wheelchairs available?

A. Yes. However, numbers are limited. Please reserve one in advance. (Motsuji Temple TEL: 0191-46-2331)

Q. Can the temple grounds be traversed by wheelchair?

A. Yes. Motsuji Temple contains barrier-free facilities so that it is accessible to everyone. There are no steep slopes, and the Cultural Assets Repository has elevators. There are also multipurpose restrooms available.

Q. How long does it take to reach Motsuji Temple from various spots in Hiraizumi?

A. Here is how long it takes from a few spots in Hiraizumi:
Hiraizumi Station (10-minute walk, 5-minute bicycle ride, 3-minute drive), Entrance to Chusonji Temple (25-minute walk, 15-minute bicycle ride, 5-minute drive), Takadachi Gikeido Hall (30-minute walk, 17-minute bicycle ride, 5-minute drive), Ichinoseki IC (15-minute drive), Hiraizumi-Maesawa IC (10-minute drive).
There are also various means of transportation available from Hiraizumi Station, such as buses, taxis, and rental bicycles.
-"Run Run" Hiraizumi loop-line bus schedule
[Bicycle rental]
-Swallow Tours (in the station) TEL: 0191-46-5086
-Gold Rental Hiraizumi TEL: 0191-46-4031
-Kennan Taxi TEL: 0191-46-2336
-Nanohana Sightseeing Taxi TEL: 0191-23-1111
-Ichinoseki Chuo Kotsu TEL: 0191-31-3333
-Ai Taxi TEL: 0191-25-6666