World Heritage Tendai Special Head Temple Motsuji Temple


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Admission & Transportation

Admission Hours & Fees

Admission hours: 8:30am~5:00pm

*8:30am~4:30pm from November 5 to March 4

IndividualsGroups (30 or more)Groups (100 or more)
Adults700 yen630 yen560 yen
High school students400 yen360 yen320 yen
Elementary and
junior high school students
200 yen180 yen160 yen

Tourism Guide & Interpretation

World Heritage Hiraizumi Audio Guide

On loan from the Hiraizumi Tourism Association, this multilingual audio guide pen provides information on the assets of the World Heritage Site Hiraizumi, including Motsuji Temple, the historical remains found within Hiraizumi, famous locations, and so on in seven languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish) when you touch the tip of it to icons and photos in the guide book. You can borrow and return them from the Sanmon Fudasho at the entrance of the temple, as well as from the Tourism Information Center (in front of JR Hiraizumi Station) and Chusonji Temple. You are able to return pens to different locations than where you borrowed them from. The rental fee is 500 yen.

Iwate Hiraizumi Interpreters & Guides Association

A local interpreting guide qualified to speak with expertise on Iwate discusses what it's like to be a local in foreign languages through this tourism guide service.

Address208 Aza Hanadate, Hiraizumi, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate-ken 029-4102 (Downtown Information Center)

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