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Shofuan Restaurant

Guide to Shofuan Restaurant

The following verse appears in the Ennen no Mai longevity rite
"Hana-ori" (Flower Folding) preserved at Motsuji Temple.
"Tune your Shofu (wind in the pines) koto / Achieve the spirit of Lake Kunming / Gaze down in all directions /
It is the season in which this sacred shrine's prosperity is on full display"
We named this restaurant Shofuan in the hopes that all visitors would feel at
home here and tune their ears to the wind blowing through the pines,
and go on to lead prosperous lives.
We hope you will come by.


Relax with some Shofuan sweets after exploring the ruins scattered across the temple grounds.

Dango (rice dumpling) & matcha green tea set
500 yen
Warabimochi (jelly-like confection) & matcha green tea set
500 yen
Soba tea pudding
400 yen
Amazake (sweet fermented rice drink) (hot or cold)
300 yen
Strawberry kakigōri (shaved ice dessert) (summer)
500 yen
Green tea kakigōri (shaved ice dessert) (summer)
500 yen
Sweet red bean soup with mochi balls (winter)
500 yen