Gikeido (Yoshitsune Hall) in Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture



Memorial to Minamoto no Yoshitsune
and his retainers

Remembering their lives and the vicissitudes of history

Dharani Sutra Repository Stupa

This memorial stupa was erected in 1986 on Takadachi, the site of Yoshitsune's death, to commemorate the passing of nearly eight centuries since the death of Fujiwara no Hidehira, Yoshitsune, and his faithful retainer, Benkei. Fujiwara no Kiyohira kept alive the dreams of his father Motohira and grandfather Kiyohira, continuing to grow and expand the culture of the Hiraizumi realm. Yoshitsune was a victim of fickle fate, and ended his life's journey at the tragically young age of 31. And Benkei was loyal to the death to his lord. Takadachi is the most appropriate place to memorialize these men and reflect on their lives and deaths.