Notable Sights and Sites

Pure Land Garden

Pure Land Garden

Pure Land gardens simulate the Pure Land of the Buddhist afterlife.

The pond here is called Oizumi ga Ike. The pond-centered garden was laid out in accordance with the precepts of Japan's oldest garden manual, Sakuteiki ("Treatise on Garden Making"), and includes elements like a peninsular beach area, rocky coastline and great rocks protruding from the lake's surface, bridges, mountainous elements, and a feeder stream, giving this garden area exceptional academic importance as well. Its beauty remains essentially unchanged for eight centuries, blending harmoniously with the surrounding trees to form an eternal landscape.

Temple Complex Site (Historic Site)

Artist's reconstruction of Motsuji Temple

For its outstanding cultural and historic value, Motsuji Temple is dually designated a Special Historic Site and a Special Place of Scenic Beauty. To the north is a hill called Mt. Doyama, before which spread out the wide open temple and garden complex. The elegance of the twelfth century garden is preserved in the mountainous formations and peninsular sea cliffs of Oizumi ga Ike Pond's rocks and the reflection of cedar and pine trees on its waters. As one of the most important sites in Japan's garden history, Motsuji's temple garden has been fully restored to its original state.

Overview of the Motsuji Temple Complex